My oh my…how I love baths…

Is it just me, or is taking a nice hot bath one of the most wonderful things a person could do at the end of the day? Taking baths are one of my most favorite things to do in the world…if it’s in the right bathtub. I’m not talking about the small ones that come in most apartment complexes and newer houses, I mean ones that look like this:

The only thing that tub is missing is bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles and bath salts. Otherwise, that is my picture of heaven. I will sit in a tub like that for hours on end until my skin turns all wrinkly. How many of you would resist the urge to jump right in if you saw this tub full of steamy water and bubbles and the water felt like silk? Not me. I would be in without a second thought.

I just wanted to write this little blurb about one of my favorite things to do. The tub in my house was finally fixed and I have been able to take baths and even use the whirlpool feature. Previously, if you ran water in the tub and it got more than about 5 or 6 inches high it would leak from ceiling to floor and ceiling to floor again. All the way from the attic to the basement. Not a very fun thing to clean, let me tell you. So my celebration about having a fixed tub was, of course to take a nice long bath and test it out! Works perfectly now!

So what are your favorite things to do? Does the sound of a nice warm bubble bath sound relaxing to you, or do you prefer other things?