The Flu Shot…Good or Bad

After just about two years of having no medical benefits, mine came through from my new job. I am elated. I have had all these ailments and no way to get rid of them because I couldn’t afford to pay for a regular doctor appointment. So naturally I made a dentist appointment, an eye doctor appointment, and a regular doctor appointment. Going to all of those appointments I began to realize that I came to Pennsylvania with absolutely no medical records and that was not good. I had no way of knowing certain things about my health history. Usually when you go to a doctor with no medical history, you get everything as if you’ve never gotten it before. That led to me getting a flu shot (and a tetanus shot that hurt like hell afterwards).

I have never received the flu shot, but I have definitely had the flu. Every single time the seasons change I get sick. Sometimes very sick with chills and a fever. So this year I said…why not? Anytime I don’t get the shot I get sick anyway, so what can I lose? So I got the flu shot. Now if it had actually been a shot I may have said no, but it was a nasal mist. I didn’t even have to get stabbed with a needle…awesome.

When I told my cousin and coworkers, they all looked at me sadly. I didn’t understand why. Then they all proceeded to tell me how most likely the flu shot would make me sick. I had heard that they inject you with a dead form of the flu, but my boss told me that they aren’t completely dead. Well, the next morning I definitely woke up sick. Not terribly sick, but sick still. Two days later and I have a stuffy, runny nose, red eyes, sneezing fits and coughing fits. I’m not fatigued or sore or anything like that, but I’m starting to feel pretty crappy. Now I’m wondering if I should have gotten the stupid flu shot after all. I guess the answer will come when I see how long I am sick for. I am not as sick as I usually get, so that is a plus. If I do not get sick for the rest of the winter, then I’ll be very happy. I guess I’ll have to wait and see…

What about you guys? Did you get your flu shot this year? Do you plan on getting a flu shot? If you did, did it make you sick?