How Do You Like Your Fried Rice?

This is a question for no tasters, tasters and supertasters. Fried rice is one of those meals that I have a love/hate relationship with. I love it because I love rice and I love to mix it with meat and eat it. My problem with it is the rest of the crap they put in it. Most people just gobble it all up, but me? Not me. I sit there for twenty minutes picking all kinds of things out of it. Also, most likely I’m annoying anyone that decides to eat that meal with me. LOL.

So when I am eating fried rice by myself, I order it with no vegetables. This means that the only thing in my fried rice is rice and meat. I also have a problem with that. I would like to have vegetables in my rice, what I absolutely DO NOT want are big chunks of gross onions and bean sprouts! Why oh why does fried rice come with that? And it’s not just a little bit of the stuff, it’s overflowing with it. If I have to get it with everything already in the rice, by the time I pick the stuff out that I do not like half of the food container is empty! Then I feel ripped off! This little thought came to me this weekend while my BF and I were trying to figure out what to eat. Him and I can never buy fried rice as a meal. If we do, he gets his and I get mine. He can eat absolutely anything. I think he is definitely a no-taster. Most of our time spent eating together consists of either me picking things out of my food, or him missing the things he loves the most in his food. SMH. That’s a topic for a later time…

So my question is this…how do you prefer your fried rice? Do you like it how it comes straight from the chinese restaurant or would you like to make your own personal changes to the recipe?


2 thoughts on “How Do You Like Your Fried Rice?

  1. i make my own at home! hahah want the recipe? they are awesomely healthy and have very simple ingredients and i have a feeling you may like it 😀

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